Accessibility arrangements

Contact the accessibility coordinator: Doron Levita, 03-5212518, doron.l@prima.co.il
Mailing address: Hotel 75, 75 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv
Accessibility arrangements:
Parking for people with disabilities
There is no parking at the hotel.
Entrance to the hotel
You can enter from the main entrance on Allenby Street.
There is an accessible reception that is adapted for use in a wheelchair. There is a hearing aid system designed for the hearing impaired who use hearing aids.
Accessible Restrooms
There are accessible restrooms located on the entrance floor.
There is a wheelchair accessible elevator. In the elevator there is an announcement in Hebrew and English indicating floors. The elevator buttons are marked in raised letters as well as Braille.
Technological aids for the hearing impaired are available at reception.
Coffee shop
The cafe is on the ground floor and can be entered with a wheelchair.
Call center
Telephone: 03-5212518 (extension 0), 24-hour response.
You can send us WhatsApp messages: https://wa.me/message/UWPIWLOUT5KTG1
The hotel has 2 rooms that are fully accessible and suitable for wheelchair users.
You can stay at the hotel accompanied by service or guide dog. A certificate proving this must be presented.
Hotel staff
Most of our hotel staff has undergone a workshop for accessible service and are at your service for any kind of assistance, so that we can make your stay with us more comfortable.